This vac truck is fully operational and very useful. Have you ever dug around utilities and wanted to suck around the pipes so you do not bust a pipe? This is what this is intended for. It can suck up dirt and whatever else is in the way.

We have used it on several occasions and almost daily to suck out sewers, drains, and around utilities. It can suck up hard ground with help of the pressurized gun that shoots water. This along with the help of the vacuum can suck up whatever is in the way. It has water tanks, and the tank for whatever you sucked up. This should also be cleaned after every use so whatever you sucked up does not get hard. It dumps and you can clean it out with the pressurized gun. This has been highly maintained to keep it in the condition it is in.

Comes with reels for your hoses for the pressure washer, and several attachments to make your boom longer. It also has a remote control just in case you are far away from the vehicle either in a hole or just distant from the front of the truck. The boom is hydraulic and it does extend as well. This has saved us from several utility damages that could have happened.

Miles: 83,610

For Sale: $225,000

For more information call our office @ 716-672-2488