Disaster Cleanup

Hurricanes Charlie, Francis, and Ivan were no match for S. St. George Enterprises. Our crews started in Orlando and then moved on to Pensacola where we remained until the job was complete.

Our most recent storm clean ups were Hurricane Sandy in New York City, the ice storm in North Carolina, and the huge snow storm that hit Buffalo back in December 2014.

Since the beginning of October 2016 our guys have been working alongside CrowderGulf in Hilton Head, SC grinding up all the debris left behind by Hurricane Matthew.  Everyone has been working tirelessly in the effort to get this mess cleaned up and there’s still a long way to go.  It’s looking like we’ll still be down there into December.  Check out the videos below  at www.youtube.com to get an idea of what St. George and CrowderGulf are really into:

  1.  CrowderGulf – Hilton Head Island Debris Clean Up for Hurricane Matthew
  2.  CrowderGulf – Hilton Head Island/Hurricane Matthew Debris Removal Update
  3.  CrowderGulf manages storm debris on Hilton Head Island.

We work seven days a week, twelve hours a day….everyday.  Our crews handle wood, sand, and snow for the cleanup effort. The wood is brought into the staging areas where S.St. George crews process it before it is hauled off to landfills.  In one day, Steve St. George and his crew are able to process about 5000 yards.

GrindingGrinding4 Grinding3 Grinding2 Site

So far 2017 has been a busy year as far as Hurricane cleanup goes.  We currently have crews in Texas and Florida grinding debris left behind by Hurricane Harvey and Irma.  Here are some pictures of what one of grinding sites looks like in Texas.