Hurricane Charlie, Francs, and Ivan were no match for S. St. George Enterprises. Our crews started in Orlando and moved onto Pensacola where the remainder of that job was completed. We have done over 30+ storm cleanups

S. St. George Enterprises has a lot of experience with Disaster Cleanups. We have cleaned up several storms especially in the past few years. While we are cleaning up the storms the cities and towns are completely destroyed. The last Hurricane in 2018 we set up a camp and lived in campers, cooked out every night and then got back to work. We try to work as efficiently as possible and this includes working seven days a week until the job gets done during these cleanups.

Why We Do It Better

Advantages of design-build include:

  • Single point of accountability and contact for the client
  • Risk is shifted to the design-builder, reduced risk for the client
  • Ability for the client to select the contractor and engineer based on qualifications and historical success
  • Project cost is determined based on a budget so the client knows the project cost early in the design process, not when the bids come in
  • Projects are completed faster than conventional design-bid-build
  • Constructability is built into the project since the contractor is involved throughout the design, resulting in lower costs and higher quality