Customer service is more than just a catch phrase at S. St. George Enterprises. To us, it means cultivating and maintaining strong relationships by collaborating with our clients to understand their needs and help them achieve their goals from the start.

In some cases that means they may require our trucking assistance. Our trucks ranging from Triaxles, 1 Ton Dump Trucks, to Flo-Boys can be hired out by other companies to help them complete the task at hand. Not only are they hired out by other companies but they also work on our current projects. Whether it is hauling stone for a Waterline Project or bringing in material to a project such as the Allegheny Schools.

Why We Do It Better

S. St. George Enterprises focuses on clients’ quality standards, schedules, and budgets. Our skilled teams take pride in guiding a project from conception to successful completion.

S. St. George partners with clients from the very beginning to listen to their needs and develop a clear and shared vision for a project. Then from there we take it into consideration and focus on the end goal. This interactive approach ensures quality workmanship and attention to detail every step of the way and a finished project you can be proud of. We get it and we get it done.