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We offer a large suite of services focused around making your building projects flow smoothly and efficiently while offering award winning expertise around preconstruction & planning.
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Pre-planning & Planning

Pre-construction planning phase is a vital step that must be completed before breaking ground. S. St George will plan, analyze, and establish the anticipated needs and hurdles for your construction project.

  • Fully bonded and insured company regardless of the size of the project to include OSHA & Hazwoper trained personnel
  • GPS enabled heavy equipment to ensure digitized 3D model plans are executed to tight tolerances and per the customer specification
  • HD drone video is captured by SSTG to show high level and visual progress to the customer, for larger customer projects
  • Ability to host digital onsite meetings in our conference room, large HD computerized display, handsfree digital telecon and customer Wi-Fi access

60 plus years of combined staff experience in site management we have a degreed estimator and a Six Sigma Black Belt on our staff

From small local playgrounds to FEMA directed disaster cleanup’s across the country, we have the expertise to plan your project.

SSTG works directly with local government projects, municipalities, and service providers all the way up to DOD Army base site cleanup.


Mulch, Stone, Aggregate Products

We sell several products including black, brown, red, natural mulch. We also have several types of other products ranging from Limestone, Peastone, Gravel, Topsoil and even decorative products such as marble. – we are here to fulfill the project you are doing within your budget and that you receive the level of quality you expect. Our yard focuses on achieving an interactive, inclusive working relationship among the client, the office, and the S. St. George employees.

We open at 7:00 (check About Us for our business hours) for any customer to satisfy their needs and so they can get their job done. S. St. George Enterprises will remain your supplier until the project is complete, and until you are satisfied.

You can either pick up the product that you require or we can deliver. If you would like us to deliver please call: 716-672-2488 to schedule a delivery.

All of our Products

#2 Non Washed Limestone, #2 Washed Limestone, #1 Washed Limestone, #1 Peastone (2 Variants), #2 Stone, 3s & 4s, Over sized Stone.

Screened Gravel, Crushed Gravel, Bank Run, Crushed Concrete, Screened Crushed Concrete, Millings, Processed Millings.

Homeowner Products:
Black, Brown, Red, Natural Mulch. Also Snow White Marble Stone, Tipple Red Stone, and Multi-Colored Stone.

MSB Gravel

MSB Gravel is located at 5552 Thorton Road Ellington, New York 14732 and is a full service gravel pit. This is similar to our yard and where we get most of our products. This is owned by S. St. George Enterprises.

A few of the many products we offer at our gravel pit:

  • Bank Run
  • Screened Gravel
  • Crushed Gravel
  • #1 Pea Stone
  • #1 or #2 Crushed Stone
  • #1 or #2 Limestone
  • #3 & #4 Stone
  • Oversize
  • Overburden
  • Crushed Concrete
  • Premium Topsoil (Raw or Screened)


Contact our Gravel Pit

Pit: (716)-680-2037.
Office: (716)-672-2488
Fax: 716-672-2487


Our trucks ranging from Triaxles, 1 Ton Dump Trucks, to Flo-Boys can be hired out by other companies to help them complete the task at hand. Not only are they hired out by other companies but they also work on our current projects. Whether it is hauling stone for a Waterline Project or bringing in material to a project such as the Allegheny Schools.

From lowboys and heavy hauling trailers & equipment, to walking floor trailers for demo jobs and brush hauling, tankers for moving liquid, flatbeds for transporting equipment and materials and roll off trailers to deliver and pick up roll off cans for our customers. S ST George Enterprises fleet is fully equipped with tool trucks with on board welding, air, crane, and every tool imaginable for your job. We also have tool trailers for larger & mobile projects for either in state or out of state, which is your project requires. S ST George Enterprises has a dozen semi-tractors to haul whatever ever our customer needs.


Why We Do It Better

S. St. George Enterprises focuses on clients’ quality standards, schedules, and budgets. Our skilled teams take pride in guiding a project from conception to successful completion.

S. St. George partners with clients from the very beginning to listen to their needs and develop a clear and shared vision for a project. Then from there we take it into consideration and focus on the end goal. This interactive approach ensures quality workmanship and attention to detail every step of the way and a finished project you can be proud of. We get it and we get it done.


We offer grinding for demolition jobs, storm clean-up, and large clearing efforts. Although we’ve done multiple jobs in New York State; we have also hauled our equipment down south for Disaster Cleanups. If you want to read more see “Disaster Cleanups” for more information on the hurricanes we have cleaned up.

S ST George Enterprises has several large debris grinders for whatever the project may require… We have High Speed Tub grinders, Horizontal Grinders, and Low Speed horizontal Shredders for debris or demolition work.


Disaster Cleanup

Over the past 15 years we have cleaned up after several major storms down the east coast. We try to work as efficiently as possible and this includes working seven days a week until the job gets done during these cleanups.

Hurricane Charlie, Francs, and Ivan were no match for S. St. George Enterprises. Our crews started in Orlando and moved onto Pensacola where the remainder of that job was completed. We have done over 30+ storm cleanups.


MEC/UXO Projects

We worked alongside UXO personnel for MEC clearance using our armored PC 200 Excavator and our Komatsu D65 Dozer. Our company screened 25,000 CY of material at the Seneca Army Depot in Romulus, NY. And we also cleared 50,000 CY of material by removing 6″ layers of impacted soils at Fort Hood Texas.

We have completed these types of projects at Fort Hood where we removed approximately 50,000 yards of material and even larger projects were, we removed, screened and replaced approximately 1,500,000 yards of material In Umatilla Oregon. Having our large fleet of equipment and heavy hauling trucks allows S St George Enterprises the ability to mobilize this equipment and work anywhere in the United States.

We are also currently working Oregon clearing more material. This is our biggest clearing material job and is a long and tedious process. It has already been a few years into the project and we are still going. This is something that takes time as  there are many factors that are in play. From safety to equipment maintenance we have to be very careful.



Regardless of the size of your project S ST George Enterprises should be your contractor of choice. We specialize in all aspects of sitework and construction and have the experience and equipment to ensure your project is completed as designed, on time and on budget!

Our expertly trained team brings a unified approach to Grading, Earth Work, Roads, Utilities, and much more.


Utility Work

Our expertly trained team brings a unified approach to Grading, Earth Work, Roads, Water Mains, Sewers, and Natural Gas Pipelines. Our portfolio includes everyone from commercial clients to residential clients, both in New York and Pennsylvania.

We have added a Vac Truck to our fleet and are now capable of hydro-excavating to virtually eliminate any risk of underground utility damage. S. St. George’s portfolio includes everyone from commercial clients to residential clients, both in New York and Pennsylvania. We furnish all labor, materials, equipment and  permits necessary to render services.


Emergency services are available.

S ST George Enterprises offers 24 hours a day 7 days a week availability for Emergency Services. From water line breaks, sewer line breaks, flood mitigation and many other Emergency Services. Our after-business hours auto attendant will forward your call and emergency directly to one of our field managers, anytime day or night to ensure we can respond quickly and efficiently to your emergency


S. St. George Enterprises is a licensed and certified subcontractor for National Fuel Gas. From resident & commercial services, pipelines and meters to mainline gas installation we have the trained personnel and expertise to safely complete these projects. To include waterlines, drainage lines, junction boxes, culverts, and sanitary sewer line work. Our ability and equipment, to include our large Vacuum truck allows us to remove large amounts of water, liquid and loose debris to quickly asses this situation and ensure all aspects of pipeline removal, repair or installation is completed correctly and safely. Clients include Seneca Resources and U.S. Energy. We are available for both residential and commercial pipeline work.



S. St. George Enterprises is a full service hauling company, from large to small projects we have the expertise and equipment to ensure your commercial or residential project is completed quickly, correctly and cost effectively. From our one ton dump trucks, single axle dump trucks, and all the way up to our fleet of triaxle dump trucks, we have the right sized truck to get the job done!

Have an even bigger project?

We also have live bottom flow-boy trailers that can deliver 30+ tons to your site at a time. We have tanker trailers and our straight tanker truck, S. St. George Enterprise is a certified 9A hauler which means we can transport Haz and Non-Haz liquid, C&D and other aggregate materials. We have several walking floor trailers that allows us to haul large quantities of demo or C&D material from your site to the disposal facility of your choice. When it comes to hauling S. St. George Enterprises has the experts and equipment that makes us a “one stop shop” for all your hauling or transporting needs.


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