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  • 01. What are the steps for getting Material?
    The first step is to determine what material you would want. You can check out our Products to determine a product you may need. If you have questions in the selection process you can speak to someone on the phone, in our office, or in our yard at the Gravel Pit or our Office location. From here you will get weighed in at the scalehouse (notifying our scale attendant or office by calling), get your material, then weigh out! From here you can come into pay at our front office!
  • 02. What are the steps for getting a Quote
    Depending on the size of your project determines the pricing, length of project, and multiple other factors. Your best bet is to reach out to our office at 716-672-2488 to speak with an available estimator or another member of our Team who can discuss further in detail what you may need.
  • 03. How much does material cost?
    You can view all of our material pricing located in the Material List PDF at the bottom of the website or in the Products page.
  • 01. How do I apply?
    We are always looking for great talent to join our Team! Please see all available Job Postings located in our Careers section located in About > Careers OR “Careers” in the top left of our site.
  • 02. Response Time on Application?
    If you submitted your application via email or a form on the website we typically respond within 5-10 business days. If you bring your application in or fill it out in our Office we get back to you quicker! If you feel your application has went outside of the above timeframe please give us a call to check on your application. 716-672-2488.
  • 01. I want to learn more about S. St. George’s!
    Since we have been in business for 40 years we have obtained great experience, reputation, and knowledge in what we do. Feel free to head over to the About Us & History page to learn more!