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Truck Types

Types of Trucks & Trailers Available

We have a variety of products for sale at both of our locations and depending on your demand we have multiple truck types and sizes to transport this material. See below the type of truck & trailer and what material or equipment it can haul. 

All – Can haul all material we have listed on our Products Page.
Gravel – Hauls Mainly Gravel Products & Blacktop
Mulch / Debris – Used for transporting Mulch mainly but is capable of hauling Debris from house demolitions or debris from disasters.

1 Ton Truck

Capability: All Materials
Amount: 0 – 4.5 Tons (Varying)

Walking Floor

Capability: Mulch / Debris
Amount: 22 – 100 Yards

Single Axle

Capability: All Materials
Amount: 3 – 8 Tons

LowBoy Trailer

Capability: Transporting Equipment
Amount: Varies, Contact Us for further information.


Capability: All Materials
Amount: 8 – 22 Tons

For calculations on how much material you may need please use the Material Calculator. If you have any additional questions please contact us by phone or email. 


Flow-Boy Trailer

Capability: Gravel Products
Amount: 22 – 44 Tons (Varying)