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S St George

Pre-Planning Phase


60 plus years of combined staff experience in site management with a very experienced team. From small local playgrounds to FEMA directed disaster cleanup’s across the country, we have the expertise to plan your next project.

Pre-construction planning phase is a vital step that must be completed before breaking ground. S. St George will plan, analyze, and establish the anticipated needs and hurdles for your construction project.

Fully bonded and insured company regardless of the size of the project to include OSHA & Hazwoper trained personnel.

GPS enabled heavy equipment to ensure digitized 3D model plans are executed to tight tolerances and per the customer specification.

HD drone video is captured by SSTG to show high level and visual progress to the customer, for larger customer projects.

Ability to host digital onsite meetings in our conference room, large HD computerized display, handsfree digital telecon and customer Wi-Fi access.
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Jobs Completed
Total Jobs Completed in 40+ years.
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Material Moved
Tons of Material Relocated during sitework.

SSTG works directly with local government projects, municipalities, and service providers all the way up to DOD Army base site cleanup.

Disaster Cleanup

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With 40 + years in the industry we have and know what it takes to get the job done. Please call our office if you have any further questions or inquiries.