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We have several large debris grinders for whatever the project may require… We have High Speed Tub grinders, Horizontal Grinders, and Low Speed horizontal Shredders for debris or demolition work.

We offer grinding for demolition jobs, storm clean-up, and large clearing efforts. Although we’ve done multiple jobs in New York State; we have also hauled our equipment down south for Disaster Cleanups over the past twenty years.

Over the years we have cleaned up after several major storms down the east coast. From Hurricane Ivan, Katrina, Matthew, to even the latest of Zeta were no match for S. St. George Enterprises. We try to work as efficiently as possible and this includes working seven days a week until the job gets done during these cleanups. Our crews work tirelessly and it can be very rewarding helping the Communities affected by these disasters. We have done over 65+ storm activations alone.
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