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S St George

Trucking & Hauling


S. St. George Enterprises focuses on clients’ quality standards, schedules, and budgets. Our skilled teams take pride in guiding a project from conception to successful completion.

As part of our services we have our own fleet, from our one ton dump trucks, single axle dump trucks, and all the way up to our fleet of triaxle dump trucks, we have the right sized truck to get the job done! No matter the size of the project we have the expertise and equipment to ensure your commercial or residential project is completed quickly, correctly and cost effectively.

We even have Flow-Boys alongside all of our other trucks they can be hired out by other companies to help them complete the task at hand. They are not always hired out by other companies as primarily they work on our current projects that we have.

From lowboys and heavy hauling trailers & equipment, to walking floor trailers for demo jobs and brush hauling, tankers for moving liquid, flatbeds for transporting equipment and materials and roll off trailers to deliver and pick up roll off cans for our customers. S. St. George Enterprises fleet is fully equipped with tool trucks with on board welding, air, crane, and every tool imaginable for your job. We also have tool trailers for larger & mobile projects for either in state or out of state, if your project requires such needs. S. St. George Enterprises even has a dozen semi-tractors.