S St George
S St George

Misc. Items For Sale

7/16'' Sheet Pilings (30' Length)

Total Pieces for sale: 71
Price: Call for pricing
Selling by the lot

Large Diameter Galvanized Drainage Pipe

Please contact us for more information.

1997 TD Williamson Centre Fuse 28 Fusion Machine

Price: $5,000
Friamat Electrofusion Box 110V Pen Reader for barcodes, Red/Blue box, Black Wheeled push or pull chassis.

2005 Friatec USA Friamat Electrofusion Box

Price: $600
Supply Voltage is 110V, Pen Reader for barcodes, Max Current is 30A, Frequency is 50/60 Hz.

Terragrid RX1100 Rolls

Size: 16′ x 246′
Please contact us for more information and current quantity.